At this time we’re using our voice to amplify those of our Black members, and to share messages of solidarity and support from PoC and allies in London Gaymers.

I am writing to you all as an individual who is part of something larger. I know that being in the UK, it is very easy to overlook issues that are going on in the US because we are constantly in the mindset of “It isn’t happening here”. There was a period of time where I thought like that, but as I continued to see my people gunned down and treated like sub humans for the level of melanin in their skin, I realised, it isn’t a them and us. I was very much part of it. To this day…

As we mark the start of Pride Month we’re reminded how 50 years ago, pride began as a protest against police brutality.

Following the brutal murder of George Floyd in America, never has it been more important for us to stand together with our black friends and remind ourselves why we will always be part of the fight for equality.

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To our black members

We’re here with you. We will never stand for any form of racism or hatred in any of our spaces, online or off, we will always fight with you and we will never stop fighting until equality for all has been achieved. We also realise that we are not perfect, so if there’s ever anything we can do better, please stop us and tell us.

To our white members

It’s not enough for us to say we are allies, we have to demonstrate it. We all have to be prepared to do the work, to read and listen to antiracist literature, to not just…

How we’re moving our offline events, online

Last week we announced that we had decided to cancel a large proportion of our IRL meet ups due to ongoing health concerns around Coronavirus. We know that many of you will have been looking forward to LFG this weekend, LG Town Hall next weekend, EGX Rezzed and even Welly Friday tonight.

While those events may not be happening anymore, we want to try and ensure we create as many spaces and opportunities as possible for you to play, chat, spend time together and make new friends. …

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Hello Gaymers

We’ve got an important update regarding upcoming events.

Due to ongoing health concerns regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve made the unfortunate decision to cancel or postpone a number of upcoming events.

Which events are being cancelled/postponed?

At present we have decided to cancel:

LFG: Saturday 21 March
London Gaymers Town Hall: Saturday 28 March
Welly Friday: Space will continue to be reserved for us but we will not be actively promoting or encouraging attendance to this event.

We’re also postponing some events that we have been organising such as a new gaymer pub quiz event.

We’re still hoping the following…

It’s been another fantastic, and busy year for London Gaymers — we take a quick look at some of the biggest moments of the last twelve months.

London Gaymers Town Hall

In February we kicked off our first ever London Gaymers Town Hall — an opportunity for members of LG to join the conversation how London Gaymers is run, hear about our plans for the future and learn about how you can get involved with the community.

The entire event was live streamed on Twitch to ensure as many people as possible could get involved and join in. You can watch a replay of the stream, and read our longer follow up on our blog post.

It’s an event we will absolutely be repeating this year to reflect on the progress…

After years of games moving to big, full screen, multiplayer online experiences (343 might never be forgiven for removing local co-op from Halo 5), you might think that local multiplayer games are dying a slow death.

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As soon as we finish the list…

Whenever I’m approaching the second half of my work day and I need a little pick me up — I go straight to video game soundtracks. They take me to a place of joy, nostalgia and escapism that really helps get you through a Friday afternoon.

There are so many great video game songs from so many fantastic composers, but being an enormous Nintendo fan since my parents bought me my first console — a SNES bundle with Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario World — my heart will always lie with Nintendo franchises.

So I set about putting…

On Saturday 24 February 2018, we held the inaugural London Gaymers Town Hall meeting at the offices of Shoreditch-based developer ustwo.

This event marked the start of an exciting new era for London Gaymers, following two years of sustained growth that has seen our membership increase more than tenfold. Over fifty members attended in person, with as many tuning in to watch proceedings on Twitch. The stream was just one small demonstration of our commitment to keeping events inclusive and accessible for everyone.

At the Town Hall we shared our plans for the remainder of 2018 and beyond, answered members’ questions, and collected valuable feedback in the room and from the Twitch stream. …

Our past, the future, your thoughts, opinons, feedback and a healthy dose of video games — join the conversation on February 24th for the first LG Town Hall!

Did you know that London Gaymers has been running for nearly six years now? What started as a small Reddit meet up group has transformed to a thriving community, celebrating and supporting LGBT+ gaymers from not only London, but across the UK and beyond. Somewhere we truly believe is the best place for the LGBT+ gaming community to make new friends.

During that time, our size, our structure, our goals and ambitions have also changed. We physically can’t continue to provide the best possible experience for all 2000 (!!) members without some organisational changes, some involvement from the community and…

Help the LG community grow and become a London Gaymer Ambassador!

Over the last 18–24 months, London Gaymers has exploded in popularity and gone from strength to strength. The group puts on 100+ events every year from the ever popular Loading Bar to online streaming tournaments, cinema meet ups, welly Friday, switch meets, combat archery, crazy golf and more. We have fantastic online communities, guilds, socials, partnerships, the list goes on and on and on…

However there is only so much four people can do, and if we want to continue to be the best we need to change a few things.

Simply put, we can’t continue to grow and provide…

Curtis Free

Brand designer based in London, UK and Co-founder of London Gaymers. Loves design, food, video games and dreams of travelling the world.

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