5 Ways to make a prospect anxious about your proposal

Clearly the goal of a proposal is to land work, right? Nope the proposal is a time for you to show off how awesome you are. It’s a time to submit 100 pages about you with 1 page about the actual project at hand.

Here’s a 5 step formula to make sure the proposal is all about you.

1. Start with your company history

Of course you need to start your proposal by talking all about your company history. Prospects are dying to know why the founder chose to name the company after their dog. It’s crucial knowledge in choosing you over a competitor.

Clearly you haven’t done the marketing work up front so the prospect doesn’t know anything about you or why you’re in business so now is the time tell them all about you.

You wouldn’t want to focus on their problems, that’s silly.

2. List all the qualifications of everyone on the team and their dogs

Now that your prospect knows all about you it’s time to tell them about your team and all the awards they’ve won. Did Bill in shipping have a dog that once won an award for having the best crossed eyes? Make sure you list that as a qualification of your company.

We can’t yet start talking about the better future the prospect will have at the end of the project. They don’t know enough about you yet.

3. Add every case study you can

Well now they know enough about you so it’s time to tell them about all your other clients. Tell them about that time your company saved the Randy’s Fluffy Kitten site from the terrible invasion of commenters from Bob’s Snarling Dog site.

No these case studies don’t need to have any bearing on the work you want to do for the prospect. They don’t need to know if you’ve done anything similar before they want to hear about the amazing saves you’ve made for other random clients that had problems nothing like their’s.

4. Don’t give any clear directions

Finally make sure you make the pricing hard to understand. Include 6 different service levels which must be purchased to get 7 day a week coverage but offer random discounts for bundling the 6 packages.

Don’t tell them how to sign the contract easily or how to pay their bill easily. This is like an awesome real world game of whack-a-mole and you need to make sure that you win and don’t get whacked.

5. Reverse everything

WAIT I’ve been all wrong. You need to reverse all the advice above. Do marketing up front so that when a prospect comes to you they are already familiar with your work and they want to work with you the expert they need.

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Skip the company bios and the deep list of individuals and tell them about their problems. Then tell them about the awesome future that they will have when the project is done.

If you have a quick case study that would fit then sure include it but only in a single short paragraph. In fact if you can get it in a sentence then only use that single sentence. Cut all the fluff.

Finally make your pricing easy. Offer 3 inclusive packages. Let them pay online and sign online so they can get through the paper work fast and start giving you money for your awesome services.

Overall cut anything you don’t need and focus on the prospect and their problems. Then you’ll be writing proposals that win work.