Life and times of a Windows Phone user.
Rashad Flowers

My beloved red 3-year-old 1520 died recently due to the incompetence of the repair man (me). The battery had become completely unreliable and the phone would die after mere minutes with a full charge. I purchased a replacement battery and watch the videos on how to do open-heart surgery to replace the battery. However, when I attempted to remove the battery the glue holding it in place would not give way. So I pulled harder and harder until the screen broke. I did finally replace the battery and put the phone back together but alas the injury was too severe. I ended up purchasing a 950 XL for US$ 300. Not a bad price for a flagship smartphone and it will fit better in my pocket than the 1520. But, I was hoping my 1520 would hold out until the fabled Surface phone would appear. Sadly, it was not to be. I hope I will grow to enjoy the 950 XL even half as much as I enjoyed my 1520.

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