It is important to have someone who can code.
Patty Brown Lamprinakos

I disagree with your comment and will have to agree with J.Westenberg.

I can code, though you don’t need to code to build what you need built, as well you don’t need a “genius” coder/programmer.

If you code for yourself then you’ll need X amount of hours to complete a project anyways, so if you don’t know how to code just spend those hours doing what you already know how to do best (your current job) and simply allocate a percentage of your generated income to completing the project.

A few things you need to do before you jump to building your project is:

Research: understanding what is “needed” to complete your project is important so that your not paying for anything unnecessary.

MVP (Minimal Viable Product): it’s important to create something simple enough to solve something without the extras (don’t worry as you can as those extras when you start to generate income from your product).

Hire someone (or don’t): if you can build it with one of the apps out there that let you build something without knowing how to code then great, though if you need someone who knows how to code then do that, though make sure you get a number of quotes to be sure your not paying 40K for a 10K project. (Fact: Agencies will charge you much more then a freelance developer).

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