Great article, Btw, in OOP world there are many IOC Container libraries to auto inject…
Sandiarsa Rugita

I’m not familiar with IOT containers, as I haven’t spent much time with Java/.NET, but I just had an interesting talk with some colleagues who have stronger OOP backgrounds because I was curious.

By the looks of things they’re some helpful magic around injection, which I suppose is pretty cool and not something I’d really experienced in my brief brushes with OOP.

I’m not aware of any libraries or common patterns that would achieve something like this “automagically”, in general FP is a lot more explicit (both a good and a bad thing). Sorry!

Just thought I’d quickly mention: Pheonix is a really awesome framework in Elixir for getting some good ideas about how these real-world application concerns (things like ORM connections) play out in a functional language.

Thanks for the feedback and question!

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