Proximity Analytics

A few weeks ago, I was tasked with creating an analytical dashboard for one of our newest marketing platforms, Pearl Proximity.

This design was part of the company’s rebranding efforts, so I had to keep in mind how the design would incorporate with the other services and software that we offer. To do this, I created a universal topbar menu and sidebar navigation that would change color depending on the software currently being used. This is our first iteration into including salesperson info as a “profile” instead of sales managers alone.

The main interactive graphic features graphs for view-through, clicks, and in-store visits based on the selected date range. The user can change tabs depending on which metrics they want to look at. This portion also includes descriptions, conversion funnels, summaries, and top sites/apps.

Breakdown Tables

When clicked, the widgets at the top of the page expand into tables that breakdown the numbers. Each table corresponds to the color of the widget.

Conversion Lift


The demographics widget can be configured for both pie charts or line charts.


Zone Maps