There are no magic bullets for taking back your life back from work-related stress and burnout.

I thought I was having a heart attack.

And perhaps an ulcer.

When all that was ruled out, we thought it was food allergies.

Combined with bad sleep and stress. Lots of stress.

It was that and more.

This was about 9 years ago.

Life was great.

My family life was wonderful. Super strong marriage and a growing, wonderful family.

But even though work was seemingly great, it was causing me overwhelming stress.

Which led to bad diet.

And lack of sleep, and back pain, and stomach pain…

That’s when I decided to change things in a very big way.

I switched to a Paleo diet lifestyle, and it helped.

I committed myself to 8 hours of sleep. Helped.

And I decided that I would no longer be controlled by my clients and my work.

It was time to live a life of freedom. On my terms.

9 years later, I’m super happy.

We had some more (awesome) kids.

Moved to a warmer climate.

I’ve expanded my business and grown every single year.

Less stress. More freedom. Growing.

Was there a magic bullet?

No. But there were at least 25 of them.

Bottom line: I tested and I changed and I didn’t give up.

I put together this list of the 25 things that have helped me most to be productive, less stressed, and growing.

I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!