This Vintage Pulp from Argosy Magazine in July 1920 features a hussy, rat poison, and the fantastic writing of William Merriam Rouse.

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RHODA BARKER was cleaning the pantry when she found the arsenic. She shook the small, blue pasteboard box, slid it open, and stared at the white powder for several seconds before she remembered what it was. Her husband, Herman Barker, had bought it for rats, and had put it away on the top shelf in the pantry with a warning, a long time before his death. She recalled his emphasis because the box was not marked. A careful old fool, she thought; and she hated his memory almost as much for his fussiness as she did for his having let…

A Female Protagonist in a Story Written by a Woman Make This 1947 Pulp Short Unusual

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Murder at the White House
By Walbridge McCully
7,500 Words.
Short Stories, November 25, 1946.

There’s not much information about Walbridge McCully. In fact, there’s almost none. There’s considerably more information about Ethel Walbridge McCully (1896–1980), an author whose bio is linked to detective novels Blood on Nassau’s Moon and Death Rides Tandem. She published those pieces under the name Walbridge McCully, so it’s a reasonable bet that she got her start in the pulps under the same name.

McCully is most famous for her book Grandma Raised the Roof, about moving to the Virgin Islands and learning to…

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