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Real Estate Developments & Blockchain

Passive Income with CurveBlock: Real Estate Development and Cryptocurrency Dividend Payments on the Blockchain

For many, earning a passive income through stocks and shares is a vital tool for future planning and earning a living, it is also the difference between being financially secure and financially liberated.

Real-estate blockchain startup CurveBlock is preparing to introduce an investment opportunity that pays out crypto-dividends no matter what condition the markets are in.

But before examining the scope of the CurveBlock platform, let’s take a look at the present crypto-market conditions and what value they hold to investors.

Crypto-Market Value

In the era of blockchain technology, the speculative markets were a focal point of public and media attention who were drawn to its potential not only as a store of value, but also an asset with potential returns.

Take a look at sky-high markets from the 2017 winter boom, and you’ll see that cryptocurrencies were significantly outgunning equity markets. Coins such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum reached market capitalizations in the tens and hundreds of billions. Naturally, these astronomical values garnered attention from industries and institutions of all sizes, and for a moment it felt like a new gold rush was on.

The combined market cap of all cryptocurrencies in January of 2017 was around 17 billion USD, this shot up to almost 600 billion USD by December 31st of that same year. According to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin made up $220 billion of that total capitalization, more than Ripple and Ethereum combined.

Worthwhile Investment?

Speculative riches were imagined and realized over this period of time, but inevitably these highs would not last, and the market eventually declined into the relatively stable condition that it rests at now.

Depreciations tend to cause skepticism to arise, bringing volatility and short-term gains into question, as well as if it is possible to make a passive income or any income at all from cryptocurrencies during such market conditions.

It may be an intergenerational issue, with millennials tending to be the ones who will vouch for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as the next best investment opportunity since property and real-estate. Older generations on the other hand, may not have a grasp of the technology or consider cryptocurrency as a future-proof investment like property or pension schemes.

Purely speculating on cryptocurrencies with a long-term or short-term plan is a typical route on the surface of the market; however, alongside the boom of value came a set of blockchain innovations that grant users numerous ways to generate a passive income with cryptocurrencies.

Aside from the big coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin, there are live products, platforms and other means for the average investor to reap financial benefits from blockchain technologies. A recent article on CoinSutra shed light on the “Top 3 ways” to make such gains, which were: staking cryptocurrencies in Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, running a Masternode and investing in cryptocurrencies that pay out in dividends.


Real estate development is likely to remain a solid investment opportunity, but it is a sector likely to be disrupted heavily by blockchain solutions and CurveBlock is uniquely positioning itself as one of the key companies in this transformative era.

CurveBlock is the first peer-2-peer (P2P) real estate development company in the world that is designed to share and distribute all profits with its community using blockchain technology; it does so through ‘Smart Staking Wallets’ and these enable passive income for as long as the user so desires.

It is host to its own centralized exchange, where users select a property development project, stake their tokens against it, and receive a profit share upon project completion (built and sold). Users can then sell their original tokens, or stake on a new development.

Fascinatingly, in order to guarantee value and circumvent market volatility, CurveBlock will be paying out dividends with a stable token.

CurveBlock will also be donating 5% of profits from every development to charity; these charities will be selected by the CurveBlock community using the voting rights granted by the CurveBlock token.

Real Issues Resolved By CurveBlock

The CurveBlock whitepaper brings up a number of issues that challenge the real estate industry such as global populations climbing drastically, housing demands and climate change. Whilst the paper concedes that these factors are out of immediate control, there are practices within the industry that need to change and can be.

The whitepaper writes: “individuals not qualifying for loans to develop projects, low property appraisals which lead to excessive low home values, the complexity of government regulatory setups, and lack of structures to balance times of boom and financial downturns, and disclosure of personal information.”

CurveBlock argues that blockchain technology is the opportunity of a lifetime and that it can remedy such challenges thanks to its fundamental characteristics. Through a decentralized, P2P and smart contract powered network, the reliance on traditional funding methods such as banks and other lenders will be a thing of the past.

Faster turnaround, greater transparency, unprecedented security and value for investors are of paramount importance for CurveBlock.

Boom and Bust Years

There are parts of the CurveBlock project that are extremely promising, but of all its features (many not mentioned in this article), the “Boom Years” and “Bust Years” proof mechanism is rather genius.

Property markets are notorious for cycles of booms and busts, where prices are either stifled by market downturns, followed by years of moderate growth until the next cycle begins.

CurveBlock found a way around this to further add security and value to the user experience; during “Bust Years”, CurveBlock developments will be placed in the open rental market until recovery, rent profits are shared with token holders. On the flip side, during “Boom Years”, all developments will be sold on the open market with profits shared accordingly with token holders.

New Asset Class

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies are transforming from niche fringe technologies to a new class of asset at an unexpectedly fast pace; with the unprecedented growth of users and global regulation of the technology now coming into view, CurveBlock is well positioned to be one of the largest real estate development companies in the world.

To find out more, head to the official CurveBlock website and discover a proactive wealth management strategy built on blockchain technology.

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CurveBlock, The Future Of Net Zero Real Estate Developments Powered By Distributed Ledger Technology

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