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After years, Curve Radio is back in the game. The volunteer online radio station has finally got things running like they should. With a fully updated website and a clear vision on its audience, it is just around the corner to welcome all music lovers!

TruckersMP and GTAv

You read it right! TruckersMP and GTAv are the new audiences that Curve Radio will target. The old listener base moved towards these platforms and it seemed like a logic step.

TruckersMP has our biggest interest. it is a wonderful community with many people passionate for trucking and music. …

2020 has already been a year full of surprises. When it comes to Curve Radio, that is no different! In January the management made plans to get Curve Radio 2.0 launched.

The welcome channel of the Curve Radio Discord server

In January 2020 the management of Curve Radio felt the need to boost the radio station. Online internet radio has changed a lot over the years. Do not forget that Spotify and YouTube made it ever more difficult to attract listeners. Some the presenters and listeners followed their own path, but a dedicated group stayed. This was the perfect moment to reshape Curve Radio to a 2020 version (AKA…

Curve Radio

Curve Radio is an online non-commercial radio station with a wide variety of music. We are home to TruckersMP players and to GTAV (TheCrewRP).

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