The challenge of designing a natural connected home

Here is a selection of promising startups developing smart products to incorporate on the connected home of the 2016


It is a fact that furnitures haven’t seen much innovation lately rather than some shape design, but luckily Curvilux shows up with a vision about how modern furnitures should be and what they created, they say, will redefine smart connected homes and the way we interact with them.The New York based startup created the first smart connected nightstand that solves daily problems such as lack of sleep, device charging and cable clutter, safety among others. Curvilux accomplish this by incorporating features like, QI wireless and USB chargers, this allows you to charge up to 3 devices in a simple and fast new way. The team also incorporated the side light on a clever new way to release space, now you don’t need an extra lamp any more, but actually it doesn’t stop there, because one of the coolest features Curvilux includes is a smart night light floor-focused that automatically switches on when you wake up at night illuminating only the lower part of the room so you don’t hit anything or wake up your partner any more. In order to enhance user experience, the Curvilux team added a bluetooth HI-Fi stereo audio system that let you stream your favorite music at any time and set the perfect mood. This cool tech nightstand come also with an app for your phone that boost every single feature by combining them, you’ll be able to set sunrise mode alarms based on your sleeping cycles, get weather reports, also manage the drawer lock, lights brightness and define your favourite settings and more while new versions are released. Curvilux is about to launch an IndieGoGo campaign on april 1st. With their first super early bird units already sold out, the startup is offering now limited units at $199, so hurry up if you want to catch this deal because at the moment of the campaign prices are going to increase up to $280!


Eight is definitely a revolution on sleeping technology by converting your bed into a smart bed that tracks your sleeping cycles to give you a better rest. The device includes tons of sensors that measure heart rate, sleep patterns, breathing among other things. Eight is divided in two zones to control temperature independently for you and your partner preferences. The cover also takes advantage of your sleeping patterns information to recommend ways to improve your slumber, and automatically adjust the bed temperature so you get a better night’s sleep.
Eight raised over $1.1 M from over 5.300 backers.


Fine art lovers will be delighted to hear about Meural, an interconnected digital frame that can provide the best art pieces with a swipe of a hand. Meural team managed to incorporate a great 1080p 27” matte display and ambient sensors to provide a crisp and vivid image.
Meural offer a unique subscription service to give users a constant stream of HD images. The New York-based startup connected the device via Wi-Fi, this way users can also upload their own work for display. 
Meural is currently selling through their web site, starting at $445, this includes a 1-year subscription, after the first 12 months the subscription will cost $4.95/month.
You can expect your Meural for spring 2016.

Nebia Atomize shower

This might be the most eco-friendly shower head, the San Francisco based startup developed a shower that takes advantage of atomizing technologies to turn water into a fine mist. This technology is similar to the one used on Jet engines cleaning. 
But what really gives extra points to Nebia is the fact that it consumes 70% less water than a regular shower system. “Showers have been the same for 100 years,” said Philip Winter, cofounder and CEO of Nebia, in a statement. “We set out to create a better shower experience first, and save as much water as possible. It turns out the age-old belief that more water equals a better experience isn’t necessarily true.”
In a world where water is one of the biggest concern, the idea of showering with a technology that covers an area 10 times greater than a regular shower and saves water is quite appealing.
Nebia states that California alone could save 200 billion gallons of water and $4 billion annually if every resident switch to their technology.
The startup raised over $3 million in Kickstarter and attracted high-profile investors like Apple CEO, Tim Cook.
The Nebia shower head can be preordered for $349.

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