How does a fat girl make herself confident?

Now we are generally seeking to be slim and beautiful, and thin people have certain advantages in many things. For example, thin people can have more choices on clothes. The trend of society and the inconvenience in fat girls’ own life make a lot of fat girls become more and more insecure and even shrink in one corner of their own to protect themselves. So how does a fat girl make herself confident about her appearance?

Firstly, don’t overgeneralization. Everyone is unique, we need to affirm ourselves. Body shape is not a person’s possession; it is only part of it. Everyone has her own unique qualities and personalities. Maybe you’re born or in the day after tomorrow to make yourself fatter than others. But you should not deny yourself because of this aspect. Besides, we can change our shape through the efforts.

Secondly, explore your own advantages. As the saying goes, not all the boys love the same style girls. Today, there is a group of men like big beautiful women that we call them curvy BBWs. Although you may not be satisfied with the appearance, you may be a very kind and lovely person. Usually find out your own advantages and know yourself more deeply.

Thirdly, more challenges, enhance your sense of accomplishment. When you need something that you pay a lot, or it seems impossible, once you do it and finally successful, you will have a great sense of accomplishment. For a long time, your confidence will become stronger and stronger, so usually fat girls need to do more challenges.

Fourthly, find problems and try hard to solve them. A lot of people are acquired because of diet, lifestyle and other reasons and cause obesity. Now that you know your problems, you have to make efforts to change and solve them.