The Last Wish!

“I want to see the world, become super rich, go trekking, do bungee jumping, skydiving, find true love, learn salsa, learn how to play a guitar…” and the list is endless. These are some of our most common unfulfilled desires that we are reminded of, when asked about our last wish. It is so ironical that we usually have so much saved in the name of the ‘last wish’ which probably will be granted when the time comes to bid adieu to this big bad world (chuckle). Seldom do we realize that it would have been so great if we did not leave hopes on things and we actually did the stuff while we were at it.

I loathe in the same guilt too, at vulnerable times, when you are so unsure of where life is taking you or whether there is something called destiny that actually exists? Or the wonderment about whether a parallel universe exists? And if it does, how would life be there? If you know the ‘zone’ I am talking about you will be able to relate better.

Some people look pretty sorted in terms of what they expect from life and what can they do to fulfill the same. They make efforts, do the hard work, live the dream, enjoy life, and towards the end are pretty content at the good job they have done. Sounds familiar? No. Not to me. There is no human on earth who is completely satisfied with their life or content about how much they’ve achieved. Somewhere in the deeper corners of their hearts, something still seems amiss. There is no full stop to a human want and desire (which is a fact). At times, the only way to survive and live through it, is by imagining that those good things have actually happened to you, even if, they have only happened inside your tiny little dreamy head. You may call it a bubble I like to live in, but it is the bubble of my happy place, dreams and desires.

You may meet somebody in life who would be a dream come true for you, but nothing guarantees that they will stay forever. At times I wonder, what if, seriously, I was to die tomorrow or say a couple of days later? And whom would I want by my side? What all would I want to do given the fact that I hardly have any time left. Yes I have the worldly desires to travel abroad, live in the fanciest of places and have the choicest of luxuries. But all of this will not matter when you realize the actual essence of life. To me, it is about memories, that stamp of your persona, that impression that you leave on people even when you are not there anymore. It is the moments when you felt crazy, stupid, happy, sad or probably all of it at the same time. I would probably search for true love; I am one die-hard romantic, and absolutely not apologetic about it. You may think that in a day finding true love is impossible, to be honest it sounds like so. But there is always someone who loves and adores you without your knowledge.

Like times when you have had secret crushes and feelings for people who never realized you existed, you may be guilty of having done the same to someone without having a single clue about it. And believe me, that one person would always be around to check on you, or secretly keep an eye on you (not the creepy way) even if they are not a part of your everyday life. I would want to find that someone, and live the last days basking in the glory of romance and absorbing the love and affection which I deserved for so long. I am not being selfish here, as I would only give it back twofold. And then again, the fact that you will be gone when you finally found the one is depressing and unfair, Right?

If we could pause and rewind life, tweak some bits of it, have a few twists and turns or learn how to time travel for real, life would have been a little better, no? The only reason I am discussing this forsaken topic of the ‘last wish’ is to make me and all of us realize that you should live everyday as if it is your last, only then will you be able to do full justice to the birth you have on earth as a human being. Love comes in all forms, family, friends, kids, etc but a soul mate is very rare! It is the one of the most precious connections that overpowers all physical boundaries and connects to the deepest layers of your soul.

There is no great lesson here or no amazing advice to give, neither am I a certified Life coach or preacher, all I want to say is, look for that soul mate, everything else will fall into place. And then we may not have to really pile up our wishes this way! Our last wish then would only be about being thankful for all that you have had in abundance and for all that you didn’t because those were the most important lessons of your life! Remember, life is short, make the most of it :)

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