A compound enhances immune response in cancer treatment

Radiation therapy is a common cancer treatment. But in some cases, its effects fail to completely kill cancer cells. And it can just kill the tumors that have been irradiated. Radiation therapy is known to induce immune response against tumor.

A new study identify that an compound can enhance the effects of radiation therapy. The compound can boost the immune response against cancer cells.

Now a compound called L19-IL2, which is an antibody-based compound, can boost the immune response against tumor, in combination with radiation therapy. L19-IL2 contains an antibody, which can bind to blood vessels in tumors, and a cytokine, which plays a role in immune response.

Antibodies can be divided into different groups, such as polyclonal antibody, rabbit polyclonal antibody, mouse polyclonal antibody, and so on.

The results showed that after the treatment, the mice had no tumor. When the team re-injected the animals with cancer cells 150 days after cure, they found them had no new fumors. What’s more, the levels of immune cells that had memory were elevated.

Radiation treatment can destroy cancer, and at the same time, it produce an effect similar to vaccine. So the immune system can recognize and attack it. One of the advantage of the newly developed treatment is that it produce an abscopal effect — a localised radiation therapy can also impact on other tumour sites beyond this irradiated area.

Mice that received the new treatment survived for a longer period of time. Although the study was in mice, the researchers believed that it might also benefit human patients sine all the mice did not form new tumors.

It has already been known that L19-IL2 is safe in patients, and it just causes limited side effects. The team will tested the novel treatment in patients with oligometastatic solid tumours. In order to find a way to inhibit the progress of the illness by inducing an immune response against the tumor, the developed this new treatment.

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