Container house floor plans for getaways offered by Custom Container Living

Due to factors like economical prices and easy installation, custom container cabins are becoming a norm throughout the USA. Custom Container Living is one renowned provider of container homes that offers numerous small home plans and containers for getaways.

Several container house floor plans offered by this Archie, Missouri-based firm for getaways are discussed below.

The Weekender

This layout is available for 29,995 dollars from the company. The exterior walls are made up of classic rib 29 gauge metal. It can be upgraded to stained pine log siding or Dutch lap vinyl siding, by paying additional charges. The kitchen has all the essential appliances, including stainless steel microwave, stainless steel refrigerator, and two burner cooktops. The open shelves under the steps can be used as a storage area. The company deploys Romex wire for electric supply, whereas pex pipes are utilized for plumbing purpose.

The Bunkhouse

This is available for 17,085 dollars from the company. This popular layout consists of 4 sets of twin bunks. There is a presence of double T5 fluorescent light that ensures optimum illumination. The area under bunk beds offers ample space for storage. In this layout, furniture like couch, TV, desk, and a table are not offered.

The Sleeper

Another popular layout for getaways, the Sleeper is available for 47,240 dollars from the company. The company installs two bulb globe lights in the kitchen area. There is a set of double size bunks, along with a set of twin extra large size bunks. There is sufficient storage space under every bunk bed. A 30” storage cabinet is also placed next to the refrigerator.

The Outback

This 40 feet container is popular due to the presence of garage area with a roll-up door. A set of double-size bunks is available in the sleeping area. For the storage purpose, there is an open area under the bunks, along with 24” storage cabinet. Even the garage area can be used for the storage purposes. This layout is available for 44,640 dollars from the company.

The Hunter’s Getaway

This is another layout that offers garage area, but the size of this steel container is 20 feet. Though the countertop is usually developed using Formica, the customers can select the material of their choice. There is a presence of compost toilet in this layout. The customers can get this container by spending 20,990 dollars.

Apart from the getaway plans, the company also provides dorm room layouts, double units, and the office layout. It also plans to launch some new plans like Happy Twogether, the ‘She Shed,’ the Craft Room, and the In-Laws.

Check all the floor plans offered by the company here:

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