Why tiny homes from Custom Container Living ideal for you?

Shipping containers, with their myriad perks, are becoming a rage across the globe. Custom Container Living is also contributing to this smart home revolution by offering numerous plans related to shipping containers. ‘Tiny Homes’ is the most popular category of container homes from this company.

Let’s go through all the popular major features of this category that make it ideal for living.

Inclusion of multiple appliances

The house consists of multiple appliances in the kitchen and bathroom region. Essential appliances installed in the kitchen area of “Family Matters” layout include washer/dryer combo, stainless steel microwave, stainless steel dishwasher, and stainless steel refrigerator. The bathroom possesses fiberglass walk-in shower and exhaust fan in this layout. The layout for bachelors contains a microwave, refrigerator, and washer, along with two burner cooktops.

Optimal lighting

There is a sufficient amount of lighting in each section of this category to ensure optimal illumination. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom area possess LED lights that ensure energy is also saved. There are also two globe bulbs in the bedroom closet.

Abundant storage area

In the loft area, there are cubbies designed for the storage purposes. Also, the storage cabinet next to refrigerator ensures that there is no dearth of storage. The open shelves under steps to loft can also be utilized as storage space. Apart from this, a walk-in closet situated in the bedroom contains two shelves, along with a space for keeping the shoes.

Turnkey homes

The tiny homes developed by this builder are pre-plumbed and pre-wired to help the individuals shift in the house immediately.


If you are planning to shift in a container house, durability should be the first concern. The tiny house layouts from the company ensure durability due to the use of low-alloy, high-strength steel. These structures are not affected by harsh weather conditions. They are even resistant to tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Ability to upgrade

There are a lot of options related to upgradation of this plan as per the choice of the customer. For example, the exterior walls can be upgraded to classic rib 26 gauge metal, painted smart lap siding, stained pine log siding, Dutch lap vinyl siding, and painted sheets of smart siding. The shower door can also be upgraded by paying additional charges.

All these points prove why tiny house plans from Custom Container Living are perfect for individuals or a small family. Some other container house floor plans provided by this builder include the weekender, the bunkhouse, the office, the backyard bedroom, the sleeper, the dorm room, the professional, and the man cave.

To know more about the layouts offered by this tiny home builder from Missouri, visit this link: www.customcontainerliving.com.