Travel 2.0

For the last couple of years we have been witnesses to the rise of sharing economy, especially of the so-called “unicorns” such as AirBnB, Uber, Lyft, BlaBlaCar, Turo, Olacar, DidiKaudi, as well as Wimdu, TripForReal, Couchsurfing and many more.

If you didn’t already know, the combined market value of the above mentioned companies is more than 110 billion $. And these are only a few of them.

But the question is — Is that all that we have seen or there will be more new platforms that people will love and use in the years ahead?

We strongly believe that the answer is — YES!

By researching all the aspects of collaborative economy, particularly in the field of travelling we managed to find a niche to offer the world a unique concept of travelling the world by using our app.

We do not state that the existing companies do not have the necessary features, but a few questions keep coming up:

Do I need to use 10 different apps to arrange my trip?

Can I do it faster?

Can I do it cheaper?

What should I do if the already arranged services do not suit me?

Can it be more tailored for me?

We believe that it can!

This year we want to represent a whole new way of arranging your trip and the services you need/want.

Let us introduce you to a fresh new platform that will answer all your demands –

The major advantage of our CUSTOM DEAL travel app is that we put travelers’ desires first and we reverse the regular cycle of booking services through our concept of RIDER LIST where travelers can choose everything (Where, When, Who and What?) and write to a potential host about what they want on their vacation or a short trip.

Imagine that — ONE platform that allows you to create your rider list like a CELEBRITY. That is our goal!

No more searching for all the services that you need through several different apps and paying separately — we create one app that covers it all!

Our hosts are willing to fulfill and arrange everything for you, from transportation, accommodation, tourist guides, translators, shopping assistants, friends, to the reservations in restaurants you love, because they also see the opportunity to make some extra money by offering combined services.

For example, an AirBnB host can now be your driver, tourist guide, accommodation choice etc.

If you want all of the traveling apps combined, or you have big expectations such as wanting a local beer to wait for you, or concert tickets, or you prefer to be driven in an SUV or anything you can think of, we strongly believe that Custom Deal is the best choice for you.

Don’t chase the offers — let them chase you. Your job is only to make a list and our software will find the best host with amazing offers for you. Go through them, select the best for you and enjoy!


With the rise of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY and unbeliveable opporunities that we can implement with our project, we are sure that Custom Deal will be next big thing on the market. More safety, more transparent, more afordable, more honest, more suitable for everyone, tokenized with CDT ( ECR-20 standard ) and with blockchain technology on board. Soon we’ll launch ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) proces to give everyone opportunity to claim their tokens and to be part of next generation of travel platforms. Next AirBnB, Uber, Turo, Trip4Real, Show Around or all together with Custom Deal idea, or how we like to say Travel 2.0

Blockchain is simply a type of database which has several interesting features. First of all, it’s immutable, meaning that records can only be added to that database and never removed or changed. For example the Bitcoin blockchain (yes, there are multiple blockchains out there!) is hosted by millions of machines. It’s important to distinguish private blockchains, where all the computers in the network are controlled by one organization and which you can’t freely access, and public blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. Last, but not least, one can deploy a piece of computer code onto a blockchain and, because that database is immutable, that code will be stored and executed there forever.

The immutability aspect of blockchains and the fact that they are distributed among multiple computers means that it’s extremely hard for a hacker to tamper with. Each computer in the network is constantly checking other nodes for validity.

Nodes that don’t match certain validity requirements imposed by other nodes are automatically excluded from the network.

Blockchain also gave rise to a whole new type of business organisation, where a cryptocurrency issued by that organisation acts as its shares and at the same time as its internal currency, in which its contributors can be rewarded. Yes thats right! You will be rewarded oposit of IPO, when you have just opportunity to become part of company when it goes public in this case with ICO proces you have that chance from the start line to gain profit by recognizing and supporting project you love from start and earn money from day one when tokens hit exchanges. Or just to HOLD ( HODL sleng ) them for long term objectives.

Vision. Mision. Community.

Vision — From day one it is same. Build one platform that will stand for years to come. Gathering all services you need on one place when it comes to traveling.

Mision — Bring Custom Deal on all continents and in all cities. Everybody deserve to travel like they should. That means to have chance to create 100% custom booking with help of your local hosts, future friends.

Community — More than ever we need to be that person that will create a bond with someone, we need to encourage everyone to act friendly, to give a smile and to help those in need. Its not charity organisation that will follow our project, its just community that we want to build from day one that is there for you if needed.

There are a lot of things in our heads that we want to implement right now and any suggestion is more than welcome.

Subscribe, follow us and stay tuned for more informations regarding to our project and to ICO ahead.

Travel like you should!

Branko Vidovic

CEO & Founder