How to Control Termites in Your House?

Treating termite, before construction can help you defend against possible claims in the future. If you want to eliminate emerge, first, we must know the needs of termites living conditions. A clear understanding of their prescription can really termites control. Termites living environment mainly related to temperature, humidity (moisture), air, light and soil-related.

First,the temperature. Termites are thermoplastic insects, the temperature is an important factor affecting the distribution of termites, so termites a redistributed. At the equator, the closer the equator termite species, the greater the density, the more complicated life. According to tests, Formosan termites(termite) the optimum temperature of 25–30 degrees Celsius, the minimum lethal temperature of -3 degrees Celsius, after seven days of all deaths. Second, the humidity,

Group developed termite species,require specialized water supply, in order to maintain moisture and humidity needs of groups. Third,the air. Termites live in semi-closed biological populations nest in the system, in a dark lair self-contained system, someone called if”the dark inhabitants.” The den system must have contact with the outside world, and t get the oxygen in the air through a variety of ways.
 Losses caused by termite damage are staggering. The crops, housing construction,river dams,and trees will be caused great damage by termites. So how to termites control
 First of all, you can find termites nest or find the termites road. As far as possible termite powder sprayed termite or ant nest road within the body inside, so that it can infect the toxicity of each other, to achieve the eradication treatment effect. Second, where the discovery of termite damage, the wooden door frame by a certain distance Bored liquid, liquid spray while the surrounding soil, the wood and the soil contains some toxins, termite feeding activity will touch poison poisoning death. Third, Third, booby law, since the pesticide spraying is easy to form pollution and destruction of the soil, the use of biological control in Europe and other developed countries and regions way to intercept and kill termites.