All About Gear Manufacturing

There are a lot of different processes that can be used to manufacture gears. Casting, forging, extrusion, powder metallurgy, and blanking are all ways that can be used to make gears. Machines are generally used in order to get the gear to comply exactly with certain dimensions, shapes, and surface finishes. Blanking operations refer to making the gear that is ready to be finished in the machine. A gear blank is the starting product.

Materials that are used to make gears should have certain properties to make sure that the gears are safe and work properly. Static loads can be dealt with safely if the material has a high tensile strength. Materials with a high endurance strength will make sure that the Custom made gears can handle dynamic loads. All gears undergo friction during their lifetime, so the material used to make them should have a low coefficient of friction. The material should also be able to be easily manufactured into the desired shape and size.

The gear blanks will need to be shaped and finished, and there are several ways to go about that. Whatever method is used, the cutting tool has to be shaped to right way to make sure that the teeth of the gear are spaced properly. Form milling and broaching are two of the ways that gear teeth are cut. Form milling rotates the gear in a circle while the cutting tool moves in and out of the material until all the teeth are cut. This process continues until it has made its way around the entire gear. Broaching is better for internal teeth. It can do smaller teeth easier because it is more accurate and very fast.

Gear hopping is another way of cutting teeth into a gear. Nothing is stationary in this method because the cutting tool and the gear are both in motion. In this process, the cutting tool makes a series of cuts until all the teeth are formed. The last step of the process is finishing the gear. Finishing the gear means it will have a longer life and be more efficient. Grinding, honing, or lapping are all ways that gears can be finished.

Gear manufacturing is a precise and time consuming process, so most of it is done in bulk. For Gear manufacturing cleveland, you can find the right kind of gear you are looking for by researching companies. You can find people to custom make gears for you, but it will be more expensive. Knowing a little bit about the process can make sure that you are getting the best work for your money.