7 Skincare Tips Every Man Should Know

Of all aspects of hygiene, skincare is the most ignored.

Guys can often ignore skincare to put emphasis on other things like grooming. That’s alright, though, since beards are equally as important.

Having good skin, like having nice hair, a beard, or stylish clothing, is something that doesn’t take a lot of work to notice. If you have nice skin, chances are you’ve been complimented on it before – perfect skin is a rarity. That is, unless you’ve been on the cover of Men’s Health or Vogue. And still, how much of it is truly reflective?

Women dig a guy with good skin because it’s something that, relative to women, men aren’t necessarily expected to pay much attention to. That could be because the rugged look is charming, but also because make-up culture (for instance) is predominantly influential on women, as opposed to guys.

Of course, you don’t need makeup for good skin. In fact, makeup isn’t exactly good for your skin. It can leave you with clogged pores and oily residue.

Since we’re not that worried about our skin, it’s easier for us to work towards better skin because we don’t have obstacles like makeup to hinder us.

There are a lot of things you can do to achieve better overall skin quality, and some methods work better than others. Other methods won’t work on people at all, but will work miraculously on your friends. Skin types vary greatly and it’s important to know where you stand.

The easiest part is knowing what kind of skin you have. The hardest part is finding the right products to match your skin type. If a company tells you that their product is a one-size-fits-all type of thing, they’re usually lying to you.

In the same way men’s soap brands can tell you that their soap is the best soap for you, when stamping the words “for men” on a bottle will do as much as a “for dogs” sticker. If the product is garbage, your skin will be, too.

But don’t be so inclined to trust at-home remedies either. Those can be just as terrible. Skincare is one of the realms of hygiene where it’s good to be super skeptical about everything.

That’s why dermatologists are in such high demand, and why it takes ages to make an appointment with one. There are some conditions that your favorite soap won’t cure, but don’t get bummed about it — you’re in luck, because there’s always more to do.

Chase & Hunter is here with some quick skincare tips to help you get started:

Microbeads suck. Microbeads are the small pebbles you find in men’s shower soaps and other face washes. Apparently they’re supposed to enter your pores and clean them, or something. All they really do is clog your pores and kill fish. They’re a gimmick designed to make you feel as if you’re doing more to take care of your skin. The Canadian government is making moves to ban them in all toiletry products, including toothpaste.

Those black face masks suck, too. You’ve probably seen these things advertised on Facebook or in your friends pyramid schemes. The goal of these masks is to get rid of your blackheads and acne by applying a layer of black charcoal “cream”, letting it dry, and then quite literally ripping it off of your face. Not only does this hurt like hell, but it strips your skin of its essential oils, too. A general rule to remember is that if it hurts, it’s probably not good for you.

Routines are crucial. Trust me, we know how hard it is to fall into routines, and how easy it to fall out of them. If you’re looking for real results, you need need to have a suitable routine, but you also need to be consistent. If you can’t manage to wash your face every night and moisturize every morning, you won’t see much of a change.

Moisturize. We can’t stress enough how important this is. After your showers, you should always remember to moisturize – your pores will be open which allows for more moisture to enter your skin. After a shower, or even just washing your face lightly, your skin can get tight and dry and so it’s important not to go out anywhere with this flaky, sandy skin.

Cetaphil moisturizers are excellent for not aggravating skin conditions you already have. Scented lotions will worsen acne and leave a greasy aftermath that can sometimes sting aggressively dry skin.

Non-scented everything. Scented soaps and lotions are ridden with ingredients that, while making you smell good, can worsen your skin. This is why men’s soaps in particular are so damaging because so much work goes into the scent as opposed to the hygienic aspects. Non-scented, pH neutral products are those that have been proven to be much less detrimental to your skin.

One word: sunscreen. If you don’t want to look like you’re seventy at forty, make sure to wear a lot of sunscreen when you need to. UV rays will damage your skin over time, quietly turning you into a raisin before your eyes. Moisturizers with SPF will help you tackle the challenge of dry skin and prevent further sun damage, killing two birds with one stone.

Chinatown and Koreatown are your best friends. Eastern philosophies are dramatically different than the Western philosophies to skincare. Here, we conjure products to fight against our skin problems, whereas in the East, they conjure products to work with your skin. This is why Asian beauty trends are huge with both guys and girls. You can find lots of great, cheap skincare shops in areas like Chinatown and Koreatown.

Trust us, women will be infinitely surprised when they find out a guy knows more about his skin than they do about their own. Sure, it’s something guys will generally always ignore, so take advantage of this rarity. There’s a high demand but low supply of guys with good skin.

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