Google Officially Allows CSE’s to Compete Head on in EU Search Results

Change is the law of Google! The world’s largest search engine keeps on changing its policies’ related to its products and platforms. As the beginning of 2018 is nearing, all Google AdWords experts need to gear up for the changes Google is bringing in its AdWords Auction Policy.

The Update:

Now Google is thoroughly examining millions of ads in its Search Engine Result Pages in Europe, says a MORNINGSTAR NEWS report. Now all rival Comparison Shopping Engines will be able to bid for Adwords and advertising space. They will also have be able to utilize the very top of Google Search Results in Europe for reselling advertising space. Therefore, Google AdWords Specialists need to gear up for this huge change being introduced by the search engine giant in its AdWords Auction Policy as new advertisements will be displayed alongside the ads of similar products from the SAU (Shopping Ads Unit) of Google.

Why is Google Taking This Decision?

According to a Reuters report , an antitrust issue had come to highlight against Google somewhere near the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017. European Commission’s antitrust ruling took notice of this issue very seriously and fined Google record $2.7bn.

Another reason why Google AdWords Certified Companies in India providing Advertising services European clients is that EU had also warned world’s largest search engine to stop favoring its own shopping services within 90 days’ to avoid a further penalty up to 5% of Alphabet’s global turnover on daily basis.

What this Means for CSE and Google AdWords Experts?

As a result of this hefty fine imposed by European Commission’s antitrust Unit, Google has finally agreed to allow Comparison Shopping Engines to take part in its bidding wars for getting their Ads displayed in its advertising space. All in all, bidding/auction for Adwords is changing.

If you are one of the Google AdWords Specialists working for European businesses, it is a good news for you.

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