Why Java’s Platform-Independence Makes It the Best

Just as English is known to be the universal language of the real world, Java is the universal language of the web development world. Java has been used for over years and is considered to be the simplest language used by the programmers.

Thus, there is a great demand for the Java web application development services.

Regardless of the availability of a lot of programming languages, Java has still not lost its charms. Why? The answer lies in the very special feature offered by this language. Java is Platform-Independent!

Java: A Platform-Independent Language

Java is known to be a platform-independent language because it is developed and compiled in such a way that it’s compatible with every operating system or machine.

Also, Java can easily be moved from one operating system to another. And so, the people looking forward to web development, often choose the experts in Java development services.

The great feature of platform-independence in this language has helped it become the best programming languages, even today!

Along with the language, the overall environment, libraries, codes, tools, of Java and the web designs developed using this language are known to be platform-independent too.

The demand of the platform-independent web designs has peaked in recent years because this kind of platforms and applications stay longer in the market. Besides, these can easily be developed using Java. This is why individuals and businesses have been hiring the best experts delivering Java development services.

Let’s have a look at how Java pulls off the platform-independency features:

· Java Code

When a programmer uses Java as the coding language, he compiles and converts the source code into the byte code.

In case of other languages, the byte code is usually the machine code but not in the case of Java.

As the byte code is not the machine code, it is not comprehended by a particular platform/machine. The byte code is then converted into the machine-specific code with the help of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) used in Java.

Every platform or machine with JVM is thus able to execute the byte code of Java. So, it can be said that Java’s byte code is machine-independent. It adapts with the kind of machine or operating system the web design is used with. This gives a great room to multi-platform usage of the web designs.

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In the previous point, we saw how the byte code of Java language is converted into machine-specific code by JVM. This conversion makes Java’s code platform-independent but not to mention, JVM itself is platform-independent.

This can be inferred by the fact that JVM can be used with a number of machines, ranging from a mainframe computer to a mobile device.

The compatibility of Java code and JVM has been well recognized by the experts providing the best Java development solutions. This helps them build the platform-independent Java web designs.

With the help of JVM, the Java web designs automatically adapt with any machine or platform. And this is what makes Java a highly flexible coding language.

However, it must be noted that different versions of JVM are required by different machines. To know more about the specific version of JVM and its installation, you can seek the experts delivering Java development services.

Along with this, the overall Java environment is platform-independent that gives a great utility to this coding language. This feature benefits the web developers in a number of ways, like:

1) Convenient development of cross-platform apps

2) Development of platform-independent mobile and web apps that facilitate easier marketing

3) Easy to sustain the constancy between the looks and functionality of two different web designs

4) Easy development and maintenance with just one code used for different platforms

Therefore, the platform-independency of Java is a boon to the web. This is the reason why hundreds of thousands of web applications have been developed using this coding language. And it’s still counting!

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