5 Tips To Improve Your UX Design

improve your UX design
improve your UX design

It is highly important to make sure that your site is easily accessible by site visitors. Your website should be easy to navigate and finding information shouldn’t be a hassle.

In web design, User Experience (UX) is a very crucial and delicate dimension. A lack of performance or any obscene design element can turn off your site visitors. To retain your site visitors you need to have a site that does not only incorporate utility but also has great design usability!

Following are the five tips to help improve your website’s UX design for more conversions:

Website Typography

The typography of your website is the most effective tool in winning your visitors’ attention. Typography is like language to website design. It consists of three aspects of spacing, color, and size.

A report carried out by the Nielsen Norman Group, found out that most of the site visitors have issues reading text with a very small font size. Also, you need to make sure that the text is of a dark shade on a light-colored background.

The text should be arranged and spaced appropriately so that the visitors don’t have to strain their eyes too much.

Choosing The Right Color Palette

Colors have a huge role to play in human psychology. Different colors have a different effects on people. Colors are highly powerful and if used in the right combination, they can effectively excite your customers to take action.

You can make your unique color combinations by using the color wheel. You can either incorporate complementary colors or triadic colors to help represent your brand as attractive to the site visitors.

Startup owners can choose for colors like blue (helps represent trust and loyalty) and green (helps develop healing and growth), while white could be used to represent simplicity.

Image Selection & Placement

It is highly important to understand what type of visuals better relate to your business. If your business niche is related to health and fitness you will want to select images that encourage a sense of community and healing. Your website will have more visuals featuring nature, families, and therapists and physicians.

If you are targeting a specific age group then it is better to stick with images that show people from that age group; images that represent their identity.

Also, you need to be very careful about Copyrights Infringement. Select only royalty-free or stock images. You can also utilize your photography.


We are living in the age of smartphones and AR. And it couldn’t be stressed enough how important it is for you to use responsive design. Your website should be easily accessible through smartphones, laptops and tablets alike.

Standard Navigation & Loading Speed

A website with simplified and basic navigation is greatly preferred by site users. It is good to stick with the basic standards of navigation.

Websites that have easier drop-down menus or the topmost navigation bars are considered to be highly user-friendly. Customers prefer finding information from tabs that they usually see around on the Internet.

You can also use ‘breadcrumbs’ for the secondary navigation. This technique helps the user to identify the page that they are currently using.

Make sure the page loading speed of your website is under 3 seconds as a study proves that a few seconds of delay in load time can decrease your conversions by 7%

Your online presence has the sole motive of bridging the gap between your business and your customers. And that’s why your information should be easily accessible.

Through a simplified and highly responsive website, you can help your potential clients to easily reach out to you.

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