The Story behind CUT-UP

CUT-UP’s office in Zürich, Switzerland

Can you tell us how the idea of creating a film festival strategy tool came about?

Our vision was to compare, select and rank the festivals that could be a match for your film. We wanted a tool to create the perfect festival list for each film, based on the goals the filmmakers set.

That’s why we built our own database and created a matching algorithm, which matches films with the festivals most suited based on various criteria. Initially we thought that it should be easy to develop such a tool. Looking back we were quite naive! The whole topic is much more complex than we first thought, and we constantly found new criteria we wanted to integrate. But in the end we succeed, and now we have an amazing tool, that is both flexible and has the potential to be developed even further. This allows us to constantly improve and update it with valuable information we find while submitting, researching and receiving feedback from users.

How did you approach the development of the tool?

What can filmmakers expect from the tool?

What part of the tool are you especially proud of?

How do you select the festivals for your database?

What are your future plans?



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CUT-UP Film Festival Strategy Tool

CUT-UP Film Festival Strategy Tool

CUT-UP provides you a list of festivals really worth submitting to, specifically for your film. We also offer consulting.