OKONOMIYAKI Cuisines Guide-vol.2: BOTEJYU

Patsaraporn R.
Apr 28, 2017 · 2 min read
source : http://www.homemate-research-okonomiyaki.com/
source : https://tabelog.com/

Botejyu(ぼてぢゅう) is Teppanyaki restaurant where is from Osaka prefecture, has the branch in Shibuya area. So even if you can’t go to Osaka in this place, you can enjoy tasting real Osaka Okonomiyaki taste which prepared by high experienced chefs. Moreover, you can order exclusive wines and cocktails in a sophisticated atmosphere. They offer to make you more comfortable by online-reservation system that you can reserve seat in advance to avoid full seats as link below.

Patsaraporn R.

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