Sugar, Yes Please!


I was singing the title like the way Maroon 5 singing their song out loud in the office while reading an article about how much a 9-year-old consume sugar every 5 minutes in the USA. And the number, however, is not as pleasing as the song. According to the article

[Photo: courtesy of Kind Snacks]

Children in the U.S. are eating 4.7 billion pounds of added sugar every year–enough to cover 1,740 football fields. That translates into about 13.1 million pounds of added sugar every day–or enough to fill 273 school buses. (1 pound is 453.592 gram)

A couple weeks ago, upon realizing that I’m obese, my doctor suggest me to try on a KetoFastosis diet. A diet method that combines fasting for 16 hours (for food, drinks allowed but only water with no sugar and carbs kinda drinks) and only can eat food with very limited sugar and carbs, and no processed food within the time allowed. TLDR; I lasted for 6 days before my gastric acid spikes and force me to stop. Within the diet journey, I am struggling to find the easy street food that I consumed daily. I am not allowed to eat rice, potato, pasta, noodles, bread, etc. Even for fruit, I have to make sure it does not contain a lot of sugar. Which makes watermelon, mango, orange, apple, fruits that I usually consume, is out of reach. I was allowed to consume only nuts and berries as shown below.

For those 6 days, OH DEAR GOD, I was struggling just to think about what to eat. As someone who depends his source of food from a takeaway food, since I don’t cook because the place where I live does not provide a kitchen, this no sugar diets kill me slowly. Mostly because, it means, my budget for food had to increase since I can only eat decent food (Read: expensive) that consist of fresh veggies, grilled meat, eggs that cooked with olive oil, etc. Something that you can’t easily find in the street. On the 5th day, I even crave for a doughnut, a food that on the daily basis, I would not choose to eat simply because it is too sweet for my liking.

As soon as I eliminate sugar out of my daily intake, I realize that my choices of foods become very limited. Something that I never thought my whole life.

I manage to lose 4 kilos out of 6 days diet. Within those super short time, I feel something change inside my body. Somehow, I feel more healthy. My body feels a bit lighter. I don’t feel drowsy or sleepy or wake up every morning like my body has been hit by a truck. It feels easier to concentrate and sleep. And I don’t feel tired at all while I traveled. Too bad, my doctor told me to stop because I have to take care of my gastric condition.

But after that, my mind begins to wonder, how much actually sugar control our lives?


Let’s make a calculation: In the morning, me as Indonesian, my breakfast menu will be something full of sugar. Probably will start with porridge, or Lontong sayur or bread with milk poured over, or for something lights, I will starts with eggs and bacon. Then I would want some tea or coffee, also with sugar. At brunch time, the majority of people would want something light, probably another cup of coffee or cookies, or bagel. At lunch, we will have rice for sure, complete with another partner of the food like meat with coconut milk, or eggs, or fried fish, etc. For the afternoon tea, again some would choose to consume another sugary food. Like Gorengan, sweet martabak. Sweet martabak in Indonesia is like the fastest way to sugary heaven if I can say. It contains a lot of sugar like chocolate sprinkles, Nutella, Ovomaltine, Toblerone, and not to forget the sweet condensed milk on top of all of those topping. Not to mention the dinner menu. I lost count here basically. The point is, it’s A LOT of sugar that we consume in a day.

Speaking of sweet condensed milk, recently, I read an article about how that sweet condensed milk is not good for your bodies and somehow it contains a lot of sugar. According to Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan in Peraturan Kepala Badan Pengawas Obat Dan Makanan Republik Indonesia Nomor 1 Tahun 2015 about Food Category in Indonesia, the characteristic of sweet condensed milk is a milk product that needs to contain fat milk total not less than 8%. So, anything less than 8% cannot be categorized as a milk. I remember very well how my brother loves to consume condensed milk at home. He would consume it with hot water, use it as a topping for his bread, or combined and mixed it with soft drinks.

Source: USDA Condensed milk and USDA soft drink

Too much sugar means too many calories which lead to weight gain. This all adds up to increased risk of obesity and very serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers, not only in adults but also in children. Excessive sugar consumption could lead children to develop diabetes and another disease in their later years.

Did you also know that Sugar has a lot of different names?


I don’t know about you, but, with all this information, on Sugar makes me starts to think to watch my sugar intake very carefully in the future.

NB: By the time you finished reading this, there are 43 people died of Diabetes