Pursuing Chemical Engineering in USA

Chemical engineering involves transforming raw materials into useful products. The areas of study include chemistry, biology, math and physics. As it is a discipline influencing numerous areas of technology, chemical engineers work in industries ranging from nanotechnology to new energy. You will design, invent, plan, and operate products, instruments and facilities.

What do you learn?
As a Chemical Engineering student, you will learn:
• Applications of chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and economics
• Applied mathematics, energy engineering, organic chemistry, biological chemistry, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and kinetics, reactor design, process design, transport processes, polymer science, economic optimization, etc.

The best universities in USA
Some of the best universities offering bachelors and master’s degree courses in Chemical Engineering are in USA. Here is a list of the top ranking universities that you must consider if you want to join this field of study:

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• University of California — Berkeley
• University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
• Stanford University
• University Of Minnesota

Master’s & PhD programs
Master’s program gives you an opportunity to do cutting-edge research in one or more of the broad range of innovative areas associated with chemical engineering. You get to work with experienced faculty, who may also be leaders in their chosen specialty. PhD in Chemical Engineering in USA is appropriate for research-oriented individuals who are looking forward to research careers in industry or academia.

Careers & Job roles
Chemical engineers are currently in great demand due to the increasing number of industries that depend on synthesis and processing of chemicals and other materials. The traditional careers involve working in chemical, energy and oil industries. With the development of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronics and environmental engineering, the services of chemical engineers have become inevitable in numerous other areas that involve chemical or physical transformation of matter.

As a chemical engineer, you will solve technical issues, design and improve products, and reduce the impact of products on environment. Here is a list of job roles for the graduates of Chemical Engineering in USA:
• Biotechnology engineer
• Petroleum engineer
• Polymer manufacturing engineer
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing engineer
• Research and development engineer
• Quality consulting engineer
• Water engineer
• Manufacturing production engineer
• Automotive engineer
• Food process engineer
• Petrochemicals engineer
• Industrial/product designer
• Consultant

Chemical Engineering graduates understand the entire industrial process and how a plant works, so they are often promoted to managerial positions and ascend the corporate ladder, within five or six years out of university. Plant managers have bigger responsibilities and handle the whole plant, including its safety and environmental regulations.

According to Salary Talk, graduates in Chemical Engineering in USA earn an average salary of $78,430. It can go as high as $212,805.

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