Power supply is really a big issue in Nigeria, unfortunately this issue has been around for years. Different Governments has come and gone yet power problem is yet to be tackled. this has effects on our homes and business.

I want to share my story in order to help people open their eyes to an option called solar power energy just the way an old friend opened my eyes to know how reliable solar power is for uninterrupted power supply in my home. I live in part of Ojodu Berga where power supply is so poor, there are so many times i don’t see light in four months. The suffering was so much that i had to buy a generator believing that things would get better and probably NEPA too will step up its game and make light available.

The day i bought a generator was the day i entered into a very BIG trap,you may not understand what i meant by “ a big trap” please don’t worry i will explain as i go on with my story. So now i have a generator, i could run it for as long as i want, i could switch on my freezer, TV, fans, washing machine and of course charge my phones. Kept this style everyday for like a year. But along the line, even the generator failed. I started spending money for repairs, buying different generator parts just to make sure my generator is back to shape again, Unfortunately i was not getting the best of it anymore. i kept spending money on it and the mechanic was always around to buy this or that..

My story finally changed when i met an old friend who introduced me to a solar power company in Nigeria called AWPS Renewable Energy Limited. this company sat me down and did an analyses of how much is spend of fossil fuel per day, per week, per month and for a year including the cost of repairs and maintenance. Initially i could not believe but then after a while my eyes were opened.

AWPS Renewable Energy Ltd explained a lot to me about solar power, how its possible to have light 24/7 without any interruption. without buying fuel and without noise. I was made to see some of solar power projects completed by them using the best of inverter, i.e SW Schneider Inverter and US batteries that would work for 6years before thinking of changing them. The company also made it known to me that some companies don’t use good batteires rather, they use fake batteries with 2years life span. AWPS Renewable Energy Ltd told me how Gilat of Israel chose AWPS Renewable Energy Limited to Power 10 Vsat Powered Kiosks commissioned by Nigeria Communication Commission in 6 States out of the numerous solar power existing in Nigeria.

Initially i was skeptical about buying solar power system but i took a bold step and i have solar power now in my home running perfectly 24/7 after knowing fully well that i will not be buying fuel anymore, neither will i have noise as generator do. the most amazing part of it is that, maintenance takes place once in 4months and the cost of maintenance is minimum compared to that of generator.

The truth is, many Nigerians are now using solar power, not because they are better than you, maybe they were fortunate to met someone who gave them information about solar power and it benefits just like the way i met that my old friend who introduced me to AWPS Renewable Energy Ltd for my own solar power energy. Information is power and key, Now that you know my story, Now that you have this information, i challenge you to use it, try solar power for the full comfort of it, spread the news and your power supply story will change for good just like mine. My solar power system is like a year old now. i have saved huge amount of money from buying fuel and changing generator parts and remember my light is always on….


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