Ben & The Painty Shoes

I know that the words Painty Shoes are rather strange but that’s what this is all about….paint on shoes.

After a day with a roller and white paint you do end up with some on yourself, you just can’t help it, but Ben seemed to really indulge himself and got it everywhere……hair, hands, shorts, T shirt, arms inside the T shirt, all of his calves and all over his shoes. I called a halt and said we should get sustenance, so I drove to the local shops with Ben and Nina to get pizza.

The local shops consists of a dairy, burger joint, a doctors, a funny old fish and chip shop and two pizza places. Hell pizzas are by far the best and everyone says so.

Ben and I stood in Wisconsin burgers and ordered numerous meals, then we made for Hell pizzas two doors down.Treading along the damp pavement I could sense Ben looking sideways at me….he said sheepishly;
“I left white footprints all over their floor”. We laughed about it and promptly went into Hell and left more white footprints.

As we sat in the car waiting for the orders to be made up, Ben shrieked and pointed to the tarmac outside. From Hell pizza a comic pattern of shoe prints emerged, they came doggedly towards our car and stopped. I suggested I moved the car so we wouldn’t be so obviously incriminated, but we only laughed at the Marx Brotheresque events and sniggered quietly, sliding down just a bit.

Ben did not leave the car again. I collected the orders.


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