Devleague Life?

The school year was an unexpected fun yet challenging time. I thought that maybe this class would be like the websites I used before I was taught anything and is have to do it alone and it’ll be an individual work. This only helped me to practice on my communication and be friends with people because I’d have to be in a group with anyone if I like it or not.

Junior Devleague made me feel like I was in a comfort zone of fun and work and with friends who grew close to me and I consider as family. Programming just another thing I like to do around and just feel comfortable doing. I enjoy programming to the point that I teach a lesson of c language in town.

I plan on using programming to help out my friends to do a website or to do business and just teach others out there. If anyone joining the class wants an advice, all I have to say is prepare to always work in groups, not understand at the time but understand when you’re alone doing it yourself.