What is a Flex Box?

  1. What is a Flex Box?

A flex box is basically a layout of how you want your functions to look like. It’s like seeing how it would act if it were real and were to happen.

2. Are there any concerns or downsides to using flex box?

There are problems I briefly read over and some people explained how confusing it can be as well a how it is slow to load due to the browser. I also read how people would compare it to a grid style but they would try to make the comparison even to the good parts of the actual flex box.

3. List three examples properties of flex box and how they are used.

There is the align where it helps align things you want because it won’t take up the space like you expected it to originally do. Then there is the wrap, where it does the opposite of align. Due to limited space, this can help with moving parts around to look nicer and fitting on the page. The last one I saw was order. It happens to do something specific to that one object you want only to that one even if it’s in a container with other objects.

4. List three tutorials that teach flex box and describe how they helped you understand the concept of flex box.

The three tutorials I used is all on the same websites. It has more that you can look at as well. The website is and it helped me understand the basic concept of flex box. http://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_flexbox.asp

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