[Korea Indie Games Reviews] “Ever Puzzle : Block and” , “CircleBear-UnoMy”

Hello , I’m Cut The Melon.

Today I will talk about…. “Ever Puzzle : Block” and “CircleBear-UnoMy”

Ever Puzzle : Block-Everstone

You can Download in Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.estonestudio.blocks

Describe of Reviews

Simple Puzzle Game..

You need do brain working hard. it is look so simple but when this game’s stage level up, you will be have a feel so difficult.

But , It was boring because this game don’t have a back ground sound so I can’t attention a lot this game. I think this game need a Move Count limits or Time Limits . also this game have a never ending stage.

Circle Bear-UnoMy

Running Game of Vertical type ??

I don’t know it is running game. because this game form is very simple…

When I touched Polar Bear, Polar Bear Sized will be small. This Game have a Touch Count Limits so, I Can’t Touch infinity. When this Polar Bear eats Prawn , I can get a Touch Count. And When I See the Foot Print. I have to get Foot Print and It’ll be start Fever Mode. When Fever Mode this can Crush the glacier.

Today I reviewed 2 Kinds Games… I give to this sentence. “Bro… That’s Meaningless….

Today I can get a Some Information… BGM and Ranking System in the game how’s Important!!!! I played game …. played game…. I need a nap….

When build a Game…. which contents give to interest?

Firstly , Motivation

Facts…. when I kept played game and success mission and give a reward. This thing is very important.

Secondly, Need a Social Games.

Now generation , general trend game flow to social game.

Just play the game is not important . I mean… play the game with friends and shared score…


This game can score competition in Google Play LeaderBoard….

I’m Sorry to Developer , It’s My Mistake..

Thirdly , Need a Story Telling

When Game have a Story… Game User can attention too easy.

You Can Download in GooglePlay : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unomy.circlebear

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