Starting Your Bounce House Rental Business

There is a not a kid on the planet that does not go ballistic on the mention of a bounce house day out. This is one of the reasons why they are almost a must have requirement when it comes to kid’s birthday parties. As such, you can see just how viable the venture can be business wise. There are simply too many people in need of inflatable bounce house today and you could really make a lot in the rental business of such. The business model is even better if you are looking for a part-time thing since most events usually happen during weekends or evenings.

If you do choose to venture into the business, then you are bound to appreciate the following tips on how to go about starting your own rental business.

Purchase The Inflatables

The first step in this business would obviously be buying the bounce house that you will be renting out to your customers. You can easily get one from any manufacturer that is around your local. A simple search on the internet should help you out here. Some of the manufactures will even help you out in sourcing capital for your first. As you grow in your business, ensure to buy more to increase variety for your clients.

Transport Means

When running this kind of business, you will definitely need a truck or a means to get the inflatable house to your client’s venue. Therefore, you should buy or rent one to run your business with ease. In case thisis not an option, you can try delivering agencies to see if they can give you a business discount to transport your inflatable house.


Once you buy your house, you will need a secure place to store it when orders haven’t yet come in. The amount of storage is dependent on the kind and size of inflatable that you use in your business. Also, when it comes to storage, you should think long term so that you have room in case you expand your business.

Legal Structure Of Your Business

Once you are done dealing with the preliminaries, you now need to sit down and device the legal structure that your business is going to take on. If you are starting it on your own, then you should be thinking more about sole proprietorship status. It could also be a partnership or even a limited liability company. You should also think of the kind of name that you want to give to your business as well. You should try out a funny name if your target market is children or something else that is catchy and simple.


This is something that changes depending on the state that you are in. Before you go start your business and advertise your services, you need to liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure that you have the necessary licenses and permits to operate your kind of business. This should help you not get in trouble in case someone gets hurt in your bounce house.

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