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I knew this guy named Paul.

Incredibly creative.
Saw things others didn’t see.
Violently passionate about his craft.

All this made Paul hyper-critical of his peers’ work. He always had criticism to offer, and usually it was constructive and on-target, even if it was rarely presented well. His own products were nothing less than spectacular. He produced work others could only dream of creating.

However, it took him forever to get anything done.

Paul worked for me at a fast-paced media outlet where producers were expected to complete numerous radio and TV projects per week.

He got like three projects done in the three years he was there. If a project wasn’t going well, he’d simply abandon it. …

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Leadership is about giving.

Leaders give instruction, guidance and direction. They empower people to do their jobs.

Good leaders also give more intimate pieces of themselves. They give their time and effort, often when they’d rather be doing other things. They share personal stories and lessons learned, which can be an exercise in humility. They tell the secrets of their success, which could be counterintuitive in a competitive society.

Even though it may be tough, good leaders do all these things.

And the great ones—really successful leaders—know how to give without taking anything in return.

This takes finesse. Knowing how to guide people while letting them be who they are and execute tasks the way they want to is not alway easy. …

I have written and produced hundreds of radio spots (maybe thousands, I didn’t count). I have also produced hundreds of hours of live radio. In more than fifteen years as a radio and television producer, I learned a lot from trial and error. I also attended several professional radio advertising courses.

Producing radio content is similar to producing web content; it’s all about connecting with your audience. Creating a strong personal connection is key; this cannot be overstated. …


Chris Vadnais

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