What successful radio DJs know that you don’t

I have written and produced hundreds of radio spots (maybe thousands, I didn’t count). I have also produced hundreds of hours of live radio. In more than fifteen years as a radio and television producer, I learned a lot from trial and error. …

What Skateboarding Taught Me

I rode my skateboard quite a bit in the eighties.

Back then you couldn’t buy skateboards and skateboarding helmets and pre-fabricated plastic launch ramps at WalMart. There wasn’t at least one skatepark in every city. There weren’t even any X-Games at that time.

(“Uphill both ways, in the…


The secret is simple: Pay the price.

I started a mobile software company in 2009 with $430 in gambling winnings.*

Since then I’ve grown it into a small empire that has netted more than a quarter of a million dollars.**

I know that’s not Angry Birds money or anything. However, I started with no programming skills to…

High five!

You can’t fake good leadership

I spent 20 years in the Air Force. I served in some key leadership positions and watched the performance of many, many others.

One thing I noticed is that many people aren’t very good at leading. In fact, they don’t lead. They cover their own asses. They want to avoid…

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