Rapper’s as the “COLONIZED” ?

Pop Culture Rappers, such as those introduced in the film Beyond Beats and Rhymes, influence men to use derogatory terms in order to address women. Men are aware of this influence as they are able to offend each other using the same terms which in retrospect call out their manhood and sexuality. The threat to this image affects their only belief in the possession of power. Desensitized women encourage the violence men embrace. The overexposure of violent images in movies and music has allowed them to create justifications for the reason why they approve of the current treatment they receive from men.

There is an Unquestionable order that takes place in a man’s life, where he must learn to be “A Man”, one who is willing to do things he doesn’t necessarily believe in but knows is necessary in order to protect their manhood. This order is implemented in men’s consciousness through the use of violence in music, movies, and every day associations with the human race. In pop culture the black rapper is portrayed as an Animalistic creature, who is often Naked, Tattooed and Sweating. This image is associated with the slave. In the beginning of colonization the White Man took over both Black men and women in order to progress the Imperialist view. Using Eurocentric ideologies the black men were used as slaves and ordered to perform manual labor constituting their dehumanization and empowering their animalistic portrayal. Women were subject to lowest standards or living, by not only being a slave to white men and women but also by their own black men. They began to be paraded as Naked possessions that the white man sold in order to procreate in the new colonies. The black man saw black women as the only ‘thing’ they could ever control. The inferiority they received on a daily basis was used to fuel the violence they displaced on black women.

In order to remain a powerful dictator of socioeconomic status the ‘White Man’ (Colonizer) creates the image or the violent yet glamourized ‘Black Man’ (Colonized). In doing so the black man continues to portray the image of the savage slave while the white man indulges in all the luxuries of a civilized powerful leader. This pop culture has empowered women to become the reflection of the slaves that once were sold under sexualized ideologies. Women of black culture are often dressed with very little clothing and exposing private areas which are then subconsciously determined to be unworthy to men.

The glamorization of black culture has been the cause for the violence we see in everyday situations. Men killing other men of the same level of poor socioeconomic status has become the epitome of what it means to be a Powerful Man thus negating any association with the opposite gender. This however reinforces the stereotype of ethnic minorities as the savage. The glamorization of exposed women has allowed judgement based on the value of their bodies, thus creating the violence enacted on the women body. The current priority constituting women’s success consists of big boobs, small waist, and bigger butt. The glamorization process simply creates a consistent view of the Savage which Defines the Inferiority of Black Men and Women.

Jeremy Meeks, an individual who was arrested and sentences to two years in prison for gun possession and earlier for theft, was released from jail for good behavior. This individual became popular through social media by an image of his mugshot. Individuals, mostly Women, were mesmerized by his colorful eyes and perfect bone structure that a petition to free him from jail took place. At this point no one questioned his reason for being incarcerated and those who did cared very little for it. A white man became his manager, and the young ex-con Jeremy Meeks is receiving the special treatment many other inmates with no good looks will probably never encounter. Aside from landing a possible Reality TV show, Meeks is also experiencing being in a transitional housing facility. Convicts are not offered this option unless they have money and as his looks create money, Meeks will be in good hands.

All Lives Matter, yet glamourizing violence has led our population to believe that if you are Beautiful you are in no way able to Do Wrong. Sorry to all us Poor, Ugly, Untalented individuals who will have to serve our entire prison term and sort our issues without the help of a transitional institution in order to find a job and not return to prison. However, as our recidivism rate statistics have informed us it is only a matter of time before we go back to jail since our problems will continue to exist without outlets of mental health help.

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