Well begun is half done.

Most of the time we have to deliver fast to get feedback from the market as soon as possible, and that’s true.
But the life of a product doesn’t depend just on the market response, and when we talk about digital products, the most important aspect remains the technology one.

I worked for different companies where I built different digital products.
From iGenius where I was first a full stack developer and then the front end leader of, to finleap where I’m working as Principal Engineer to build new startups and services for our fintech ecosystem.

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During my experience…

I always worked in startup environment as a developer and I noticed that sometimes developers are in a particular bad mood.

- Do you think your job meet your expectations?
- Do you feel good on what you are doing now?
- Do you like business decisions taken over the time?

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No, I don’t like Trump 👱🏻

I believe this mood can be harmful both to you and to the company you work for.

I’ve wondered if there is something in particular that can help people to avoid these feelings, so I want to share with the community some tips based on my personal experience that…

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I’ve been working with redux-saga for half a year and I love it because it allows to write clean declarative code.

Every time that I approach a technology I research patterns, conventions, best practices to improve my knowledge of it.
I found a lot of resources (documentation is very good) on redux-saga but nothing that explains how to structure and define sagas on the application to be more maintainable and scalable.

Considering that, I would like to share how I manage sagas hoping that this article can help someone and receive some feedbacks to improve. …

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What is create-component-app ?

How much time do you spend copying and pasting the component folder to create a new one ? Or you create your own snippet on your editor ?

create-component-app is a tool to generate different types of React components from the terminal (or from the editor) that helps you to save a lot of time and prevents errors caused by copy and paste.

With a lot of options you can easily create your React components very fast!

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Where I’m working we are developing crystal: the first virtual advisor for digital marketing.
In the past months the application has undergone a complete rewrite of it’s front-end module, migrating from angular to a react-redux stack.

We are so proud of the final result, because we’ve baked a more polished product with improved performances and maintainability.
Still, there’s a long way to go from here.

Lots of new features are planned for the forthcoming months, but, I’d like to share with you some useful tips that everybody need to keep in mind while working with a similar stack.

After months…

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Premise: This article won’t tell you which specific existing framework you must choose.
With this article I’d like to suggest key elements to evaluate in order to choose one and not regret your choice.

For many people they could be obvious and trivial.

I will therefore try to explain in few simple steps what to take into consideration for a rational choice of a new framework to use for your projects.

What is the framework for?

I believe the first and most obvious question should be: “What should the framework do?” …

Let’s talk about how and when use CSS3 for animate your elements.

I know what you think…

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Yes, another article about this topic! But how many of these articles explain everything and why ?
With this post I’ll try to explain in the simplest way what i read in all others articles.

Good, but why ?

When you develop sites and apps with simple and complex animations, the problem is always the same:

“Mmmmmm isn’t enough smooth”

What is the best pratices for resolve this ?
To resolve this we must know another couple of things:

  • How our interpreter (Browser) works ?
  • How can we optimize our code ?

Christian Varisco

Principal Engineer 🇮🇹 working at finleap

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