AirPods Have Arrived Just In Time To Remind Us To Appreciate Real Innovation

AirPods are the greatest Apple product since the original iPhone

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Remember when the first iPhone came out and everyone immediately assumed the touchscreen keyboard would be terrible? That their beloved Blackberry’s and T9 addictions were the only way to really type on a mobile phone?

Now fast forward 10 years, we’re spoiled, gone is our reverence for breakthroughs, for innovating change, however small or incremental.

I grew up at a time in which even the smallest advancement was lauded, where you could go from a click wheel iPod to a touch wheel whose buttons lit up and call it the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We’ve reached a point where the advancement of technology and yearly slimming of device thickness has caused most to stop caring, or most often times, flat out ignore when true innovation breaks through.

Most really great successes can be traced back to a person or product solving a real problem that plagues the masses. A problem that lingers for years and becomes so largely accepted that it’s assumed it’s never going away.

If there’s one thing that can unite a divided country, it’s the universal annoyance of having to untangle your headphones. Seriously. I would argue that tangled headphones have most likely affected everyone that has ever listened to anything in their life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a 1st world problem, I know that there are A MILLION other problems that we should focus our best minds’ efforts on ahead of making the listening experience of a mobile phone less annoying.

We’ve had wireleass headphones for awhile now, but one after another they’ve been big clunky bluetooth battery hogs that are annoyingly hard to pair with your device.

Enter, Airpods.

AirPods are the greatest Apple product since the original iPhone.

That’s right I said it.

AirPods are a 10 out 10, an A++, they are literally the best thing to come out of 2016.

They just work, they don’t fall out, and they make you look at wires the same way most people view green bubbles. Pairing your AirPods with your iPhone doesn’t exist really because they’re just “connected.” It’s magic. If we’re being real, Apple’s M1 chip is the real MVP.

Most complaints about AirPods center around the lack of volume controls or how much Siri still sucks. And while valid points, Apple has a grander vision in mind, an augmented future where the iPhone powers your entire wearable ecosystem.

The Apple Watch currently solves the volume control issues, Siri is due for a MAJOR Alexa upgrade with iOS11 and don’t be surprised when Apple releases AR glasses to permanently relegate your iPhone to your pocket, purse or 50 yard proximity.

So with all that being said, if you own an iPhone 7, order AirPods immediately.

Products that push us forward don’t take “courage” like Apple hilariously used to justify removing the headphone jack, but products pushing us forward enable us to tackle the next big problem. Whether it’s a solar roof taking us off the grid, a fully automated electric car saving the planet, an entire new blockchain of transferring value, or simply a better way to listen to music, let’s get back to truly appreciating innovation.

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