It’s time to forget messaging multiple group threads or email chains, and make quick, simple plans with friends on Planet.

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2 years ago, Zack Brust and I set out to solve a problem that had become an annoyance in our lives and the daily lives of many people we know; planning things with friends.

The problem facing many groups of friends today is the abundance of messaging apps and platforms in which we all communicate. Whether it’s through email, texts, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Snapchat, or the countless other communication platforms out today, our friends have become increasingly fragmented.

This fragmentation of how we communicate with our friends has made getting in touch on the platform they prefer a somewhat painstakingly annoying process that makes answering an age old question tougher than it should be: “What’s the plan?”


Alex Cervasio

Digital Consultant for Coaches, Athletes, & Influencers

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