Hello, World!

My name is Carlos Vázquez Losada. Actually, I’m studying a degree in Software Engineering at URJC. This blog is about my TFG development.

My TFG consists on, using an existing project which you can find here, extending the functionality to support the outgoing logs of the test in a Continuous Integration environment. This added functionality allows users and developers to know exactly, through automated techniques (Artificial Intelligence, ML, Big Data and Data Science), what things have changed to became a successful or unsuccessful log. Too, I will work to develop a GUI and a plugin for Eclipse.

My tutor is Micael Gallego Carrillo, professor, researcher at URJC and co-director of CodeURJC.

Yesterday we had our first meeting. Micael explained to me the objectives of the project, which name is LOGANALYZER:

  1. My start point is CloudLogMiner (or CLM). CLM is a tool developed by Silvia Moreno Uribarri in 2016 for analysing Web Application logs from the very beginning of development. As such, it focuses on easing log review efforts when locating bugs in a distributed Software System. Built with Angular2 and ag-grid.
  2. He told me about logs in CI tests, their target structure (it may receive logs from different sources which have a different structure) and how (in high-level of abstraction) we can determinate if a log is successful or unsuccessful.
  3. Next steps. One of the most important steps is to update the technologies used in CLM (instead of Angular2, Angular4, for example).

So, the next weeks I’ll focus on the implementation of this update work. I’m going to write my experience and I hope you enjoy it :)

See you son!!