We expect to hear good things from people who don’t know us because we paid them. The customer service industry is made to be the shrink to our restlessness to buy staff, someone at the other end to make yourself feel better when you really shouldn’t. And so it became normality, it’s all about the money and stuff.

How many left there to do business with passion? How many products are being made without the constant pressing idea of how much profit they will bring? What have we learned from the consequences of this behavior? These are the questions we should all think of.

We enjoy being spoiled too much and live in a world that is piling up with trash at our doors. The democracy and reason we have surrendered to the corporations and neo-capitalists, self-claimed, and now acknowledged by society as visionary, mistaken true intelligence with the ability of cunning. To have money that makes money. How does that even make sense, don’t only living beings multiply? How did we settle with the unrighteousness of these ideas? Money cannot add more value to itself it’s a paper promise made for exchanging goods and that’s all it is, an easy way to exchange goods. And we exchange goods for money thinking this print is equally worthy forgetting that we agreed just for the idea of what they do.

In most capitalist societies is not about community anymore, the common interest is your problem. With less encouragement from the government for humanity as a whole ecosystem that it is where we became pawns. Those who set this game up will continue to play this charade and we will have to clean this on our own, but the saddest thing is that we are eating on each other with a mind poisoned and rage at the world for leaving us to sit just like products on a shelf.

This behavior has long surpassed any moral compass. This is madness, madness to put money first and people last. We must get up, we have one life and one chance to ink our legacy with what we’re best at. Get rid of the tentacles and free your mind.

Debate all you want about capitalism, economy, and democracy, truth is that we lost our freedom to the interest of a few, almost all of us must know by now, but we’re afraid to acknowledge it, most of it because of fear of something unknown, worse that will result in from this change.

I refuse to believe good things cannot be done because of unfeasibility when we have the means, it’s unreasonable. Cooperation or competition must be put under careful analysis again. So my question is for how long do we stay asleep?

People always fought for freedom since the beginning of times but at a different pace. We have the most precious gift, conscience, so we must use it.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.