The Mug

Personal Selection

I chose the mug because it is an object I use every day for hot drinks, cool drinks, and even meals occasionally. I feel it is a very diverse object that has many uses.


The mug has been around for a while. It evolved from wooden and clay cups. A handle was added to the clay cups, so they can be held easily. While the handle allowed them to be held easily, the lip of the mug was still too thick to comfortably drink from. Though once trade brought Chinese porcelain to the world, the mug was revolutionized. It could still be held comfortably and now it was comfortable to drink from.


The function of the mug is mainly to hold warm beverages, without burning the user’s hand.

The User

The primary users are most people that have to get up early in the morning. An example of a user would be someone getting ready for work or school. They are primarily used for coffee, so children do not usually use mugs.


Plain mugs are usually mass produced. Though handcrafted mugs are quite popular as well, they are not the main source of mugs.


The affordance of the object is the handle that is attached from the mug. The hole that the handle creates is the right size for a person’s hand. The wide opening around the mug is an indicator that things are meant to be poured into it, or used for drinking.

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