But it will be the easiest thing in the world for Joe Biden to explain why he has selected Elizabeth Warren for VP. Especially to Democrats for whom she is the most popular politician in the party after the Obamas.
There are her actionable plans and her experience of executing them in government. There is her intellectual and moral integrity, which includes the ability to listen to and champion others’ ideas. There is her intellectual brilliance. There is her demonstrated capacity and willingness to fight for the people.
But more important in my eyes is that she can go into anybody’s kitchen anywhere in the country and talk about why Reaganism has failed, how lack of government didn’t increase the freedom of all Americans but instead has diminished freedom by only working for that of a few.
She can explain how human freedom is dependent upon certain conditions in life such as: health, including the ability to control one’s own body; education; shelter; mobility; freedom from social bigotries. As well as public safety and infrastructure.
And how government actions can see that all Americans have these conditions in life to support human freedom.She can explain how government has been crucial in the development of all of our minds, even those of people who come to think they hate government.
Supporting American lives and freedom will actually make free enterprise work better, by increasing the numbers of people who can compete. The justification of capitalism as the best economic tool is based on the notion of competition. We haven’t had that. Regardless of what he thought he was doing, Reaganism was all about concentrating wealth and crony capitalism He was backed by Western business interests who want to expropriate the land that the US government owned for their private profit. And so it has continued with the culmination and most egregious example in Trump monetizing the presidency itself for himself.
So the GOP has instead been working for the concentration of wealth and lack of competition; the freedom of a few . It has been reduced to the point where they have convinced people that the choice of wearing a mask becomes an expression of freedom while they are intent upon government herding people into deadly work camps.
How do I know Elizabeth Warren can do all of this by, if not actually going into kitchens, being given a bully pulpit and a national platform?
I listened to her. She taught me these things.
Elizabeth Warren can message like nobody’s business.
Let the teacher teach!

christine crook

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