Narrowing the gap between age and technology

As technology innovations keep popping up at rocket speed, many senior citizens have trouble keeping up with the new products and their features. This has been commonly denominated the gap between age and technology. Virtual reality games and user experience, the Cloud, 3D Printing, wearable tech, drones, Internet of Things (IoT), cryptocurrency, curved 4K UHDTVs, driverless cars… and the list goes on. I can only begin to imagine what goes through the mind of our uncles and grandparents when they hear all this techy jargon. I understand it’s obviously not critical to acquire or use all these technical innovations, but practical education is crucial for older people that have trouble understanding technology.

I would like to create a technology educational platform for older adults that can help achieve my goal of narrowing the gap between age and technology. One of my main motivations is watching my grandparents interact with technology. I know that when I teach them how to use a device or an app and let them try it out with their own hands, they are quick to learn and don’t forget. And I feel that every older adult should have the opportunity to learn, to be guided throughout this technology era in a practical way.

Maybe at the beginning I’ll rent an office space and start with one hour Saturday classes, then people can have personalized sessions. Maybe from there I could help co-found an institute or college dedicated to help people that are 50+ years of age. Who knows? I may have to rub elbows with some scholars and get insight into the learning process at a later stage in life. I know that there is a general belief that as you get older your learning abilities decrease and, in consequence, your learning desires and aspirations as well. My goal is to turn that around. Also, I don’t quite believe in the “dream” of working at a job 30+ years, retiring and only then «enjoy» life, when energy levels are evidently starting to decrease for many. That’s why I would like to return some youth, both mentally and physically, into people that have been led to think they are way too old to learn or experience new things, like technology.

In summary, my goal is to narrow the gap between age and technology by positively impacting older people that deserve the chance to learn.

If you share a bit of my vision, want to contribute ideas or knowledge in any way possible or if you didn’t understand it at all (fair enough) shoot me an email cristian @ or respond below.