Decentralized Finance is growing and will soon become unstoppable

We often hear about cryptocurrencies, there’s some saying that they will revolutionize the economic sector, and others saying that they’re going to have a “bad end”. After the crash of January 2018, most critics celebrated thinking they were right. And if we are talking from a speculative perspective, they were right. Absolutely right.

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Source: Token Economy

I didn’t get interested in cryptocurrencies until December 2017, perhaps the worst time in this sector. The price of Bitcoin was falling, bringing with it all the other cryptocurrencies. Most of the industry’s startups were declaring their failure. But… This time helped me understand which project was really sustainable and with a function that could be really useful. In the last year articles on Bitcoin and this industry have decreased significantly, making the masses forget this sector. Behind the scenes, however, they worked hard to develop a technology that was still unripe but that had great potential. …

In the last few years a new enemy is silently making Internet at risk and nobody knows how to stop it

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“Protesters holding various signs during a rally at LAX Airport against Trump’s muslim ban” by Kayla Velasquez

When Internet (WWW) became available to everyone back in 1991 one of his main goals was to create a distributed network to share informations without any form of censorship. In the following years this network grew at an impressive rate, reaching almost everyone in the world.

So, it could be easy to think that the original goal was finally reached, but no, absolutely not. In the past years people learned to trust internet and his informations and this is a great thing. But nowadays people trust this data more than a scientific book or an encyclopaedia. The problem here is not just about trust, it’s also about laziness. Internet users think too often that any information read on the web it’s absolutely right and irrefutable without check the sources. Let me be honest, check the sources it’s not always an easy job but many people don’t even try. …


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