Words from a pessimistic social media slave
Christy Yip

“Is social media creating the illusion that we need to save the world? Is social media creating the illusion that we can’t do anything at all?”

You rose a lot of great and interesting points within your blog post but this thought resonated with me the most. Too often I’ve found myself kind of caught — caught in the sense that “slacktivism” is actually the only way to “save” the world. However, it is quite sad that the instinctual way that we perceive to do this is by taking out our phones and tweeting or posting about something tragic going on in the world, rather than actually doing something about it. This could be anything from donating, to signing petitions, going to rallies, etc.; however we are too conditioned into thinking that a simple hashtag can solve all the world’s problems. I think we can definitely do something, but it’s a matter of how badly we actually want to do something; how badly we actually want to change the world — and whether or not we want to change it for the better. Laziness gets the best of a lot of us in this day and age; and I think it’s time that more people answer this call to helping save the world — I don’t think that’s an illusion. The world definitely needs some saving, and a lot more good thrust into it.

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