A trip to the Human Mind

A mind is a powerful tool, it is the most advanced tool for learning that is possessed by anything living. Reason? : The ability of the mind to set the limitations that a human has.

The mindset carried by an individual affects his behavior, his beliefs and his way of life. And that is why the mind should have the most training of all. The human mind can be likened to a plant; when its planted it must be watered given the right amount of nutrient for it to bud, and when it does bud, the little seedling must now follow the light in other to survive. It must bend to the direction of the light if it is to grow up to be the plant it was meant to be. Similarly, if the mind fails to follow the light it will remain in the state of perpetual darkness.

Getting to learn something new is a task that can be likened to bending towards the light. Because it causes the individual to leave his safe zone, venture into the unknown, stretch his core beliefs and expose his weakness. Some individual overcomes the first stages and come into the light but are unable to bend, therefore, lose interest after a few tries at the new endeavor.

Recently I have taken to a new venture, to me, it is an adventure. An opportunity to learn the “cryptic” art of computer programming and work in a software company. I did think it was easy at first, after all, I have been programming in the C language for about 2 years now. But switching from my language wasn’t something that I thought would be so difficult, on many occasions I did think to give up. But my mind can bend, I can stretch, and although I had no initial idea I reached out. Reaching out is one interesting way of bending to the light. I devoted my days and my night into this work, because I could see the light and bend towards it was not going to be my problem.

Although the process is still on the way, I am determined to reach out more than I have done in the past. Listen to those who are much more experienced than I am, and implement advice as they come. I know to follow the light because only then can I truly grow.

Just like my mind I believe is every human mind, and a trip to the human mind shows that a human can do whatever he puts his mind to do as long as he carries the ideology to “Follow the light”.