So how’s your self awareness?

  1. Take this:

2. Watch this:

3. Now consider:

Say for example you’re skill set lies with sales. Presenting. Talking. Building rapport quickly with people. You’d rather people thought you’re a deep spiritual thinker, a creative savant who understands people so much they cry when they read something you wrote. Say you grow up one day and regular life stuff starts to perk up, mostly because you’re a certain age and you feel it’s time to settle for something.

So you become a strategist. You bullshit your way through interviews (but really it’s because the people you’re interviewing with don’t know what “strategy” means either, or they like you and they think working with you would be fun). You might even be able to bullshit your way into grad school, all the while knowing you’re straight up ignoring every impulse you have so you could “round yourself out”, “become smarter in ways you’re not”, “level up” or whatever.

But what you’re really doing is defining yourself by the things you’re not good at.

The simple ask I (and so many others) make of you and I make of myself continually is to cross reference what you’re doing now, and ask if it correlates to what you know you’re inherently gifted at, inherently better than anyone else at. Where does your swagger bubble up to the surface and when?

There’s no such thing as not knowing what you’re good at. You knew that because people have likely told you along the way. There is such a thing however as ignoring it. You want to know what happens when you ignore what you’re good at? Nothing. You always feel stuck in a place you don’t want to be.

Maybe get back on track today?