Um…guys? Are we just violent primates?

Throw a punch, get punched, throw a punch, get punched…

Be honest, were you stirred by recent news of the US dropping bombs in Syria and today the largest non-nuclear bomb ever dropped in eastern Afghanistan?

Despite the obvious issue of perpetuating a war rather than addressing the root causes that will drive any one human to religious extremism (general hopelessness/no opportunity living under the thumb of despotic regimes), does this increased activity, um, kind­ of blow your hair back?

Tell the truth, after 9/11, didn’t you have that friend who was like, “we need to make a parking lot out of that country” and some among us might’ve even agreed, having gotten caught up in the after-fervor. Then their ranks swell in response and it continues. Ad infinitum.

If you’ll allow me a tangent: We all grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and I can infer many of us want an action hero or action-hero move to bail us out of this battle we’ve been in for almost 20 years. Even longer if you count previous regime changes we instigated.

Back to the point, I can see why it might be sort of satisfying to think, giant bomb hits them so they don’t hit us.

But they always come back for more. Because they’re desperate and hopeless and misguided. At some point you have to figure, we’re not in an epic Peter vs. the Chicken slugfest. Wouldn’t you rather get the chicken (or yourself) some therapy to kick the addiction?

Unless of course our primate brains love this sort of thing and that war deliciously serves a primal need. And as the better resourced of the two, we have every opportunity to quit our addiction to gun smoke.

But it’s more immediately gratifying to just punch back.