Scala as a configuration language

The traditional way: config files

java -cp application.jar Application test
java -cp application.jar Application production
  • we could check if something is wrong at compile time rather than runtime?
  • people who wrote new configuration were assisted in knowing which
    values to provide?
  • we got away without having to import and use a configuration library?

More fun for less work

Configuration managed by the application

Decoupled configuration

java -cp application.jar TestConfig
java -cp application.jar MainConfig
java -cp application.jar:test_config.jar TestConfig
java -cp application.jar:main_config.jar MainConfig
scala -cp application.jar MainConfig.scala
scala -cp application.jar TestConfig.scala
scala -cp ... ProductionConfig serialize > production_config.json






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Jan Christopher Vogt

Jan Christopher Vogt

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