How the Matching Process Works for the Priya Haji and True Spark Fellowships

Priya Haji, the inspiration for our Priya Haji Fellowship. (Photo credit: MAKERS.)


If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you are a candidate interested in True Ventures’ Priya Haji Fellowship or The True Spark Fellowship. The first of these programs launched in 2015 and we are proud to have welcomed a terrific group of young people to the Bay Area to spend a year working with companies in our portfolio and learning about startups and venture capital.

Here’s more information about the matching process that connects applicants with our companies.

Step 1: Application Submitted

The PHF and Spark applications require a resume, a personal statement, and our online application form. Applications are not reviewed until all three components have been received.

Step 2: Socializing Your Profile

As soon we receive your completed application, we begin looking in our portfolio to see if any of our companies are seeking the type of support someone with your background and interests could provide. It is typically the case that many of our Bay Area companies are interested in bringing on a Fellow, but each has a different set of needs with regard to skills and interests their Fellow must have. When we socialize your profile, we often send it to multiple companies concurrently in order to maximize the chances of finding a match for you. As such, you may end up interviewing with multiple companies simultaneously.

Step 3: Making Introductions for You

When we hear back from one or more companies that they have reviewed your materials and are interested in speaking with you, we introduce you to them immediately. Then, it’s up to you to set up time to speak with these companies to learn about what they are doing, what their needs are, and how you might be able to help. The companies will also want to learn more about you and get a better sense of whether you have the skills to contribute to their teams.

The interview process is company-specific. You may speak to one person or you may speak to five people. You may be required to complete test projects in the area of your potential fellowship, including research, engineering, marketing, design or anything else. Adding a new team member is something that these companies take seriously and they want to make sure that the fit is right.

Step 4a: Interview(s) Complete, Company Says Yes

If you have completed the interview process with one of our companies and they want to bring you on, they will let us know. Then, we will offer you a Fellowship to work with that company. About 35 percent of applicants who begin the interview process with one or more companies end up receiving offers to become Fellows. If you receive an offer, you will typically have a week or two to accept.

Our hope is that you’ll be excited to accept the offer. If you are not, you may request to be matched with a different company. We unfortunately can’t guarantee that a different company will also have a need for someone with your background, so you may end up in the position of choosing between two options: one, to participate in the fellowship with the company that has given you an offer, or two, not participating in the fellowship at all. We love all of our companies equally and believe all would provide a fantastic environment for learning and development, but it’s obviously up to you to decide whether the company that has given you an offer is somewhere you’d like to spend your fellowship. If you end up in this position, let us know, and let’s talk about it.

Step 4b: Interview(s) Complete, Company Says No

If you have completed the interview process with one of our companies and they decide that you are not a good fit for their needs, we will let you know. At that point, we will try to find another match for you elsewhere in our portfolio. It has often been the case that it takes two or three conversations with different companies in order to find the right match for an applicant. We will continue trying to find a match until we have spoken with all of our companies and none are looking for the sort of help you could provide. If this happens, we will let you know and encourage you to pursue other opportunities.

Thanks again for your interest in the True Ventures and our fellowships for recent graduates and post-college age young professionals.

We hope to have the chance to work with you.

Is there anything you’re wondering that wasn’t covered here? Email us at Fellowships [@] trueventures [dot] com.